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What is Workers' Compensation and General Liability?

Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance that covers medical expenses from accidents at work, as well as salary replacement for people who have suffered accidents at work and are unable to work.

General Liability is a form of insurance that covers damages to third parties in the event of bodily injury or material damage, among others.

In addition to protection, what is the advantage of having insurance for my company?

Active insurance for your company allows for new job opportunities. When closing a deal, many customers and companies ask for an insurance certificate as a requirement. If you do not have an active policy, you will not be able to close the deal with customers who apply for the insurance certificate.

Is my company required to have Workers' Compensation coverage?

Yes. Most states will require all companies with employees to have Workers’ Compensation coverage.

What are the risks of your company not having Workers' Compensation coverage?

You expose your employees, you and your business to large medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing care bills, funeral costs, death benefits and legal costs due to workplace injuries or death. In addition, if the state in which you do business requires you to have Workers’ Compensation coverage, you may be instructed to stop all business operations in addition to having to pay daily fines until you acquire the necessary coverage.

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