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By October 19, 2022October 21st, 2022No Comments

Putting away your motorcycle for the fall and winter


You’ve seen them – the hard-core riders who hop on their motorcycles in the rain and the cold and hit the road. There are also plenty of riders who limit their road time to the spring and summer. After all, riding is about enjoying yourself.

If you’re going to put your bike away for the colder months, make sure you do it right. These tips will help ensure your ride is ready to go when our days in Massachusetts get longer and the weather gets warmer.

Keep it covered

Ideally, motorcycles should be garaged when put into storage. If you don’t have that option, make sure you have a breathable cover designed for motorcycles to protect them from the elements. Tarps or cotton sheets can trap moisture against the vehicle, letting mildew or rust build-up.

Check the fluids

The American Motorcyclist Association recommends specific actions for your motorcycle’s various fluids. For gas, top off the tank and add a fuel stabilizer, then run the engine for a few minutes to spread the stabilizer through the system. The engine oil should be changed just before you put the bike away. And be sure to check your coolant to ensure your bike is protected against freezing weather.

Stay in power

If your motorcycle has an alarm system or other features that can drain the battery, you might want to invest in a charger to keep the battery alive. Otherwise, the AMA says, make sure it has a full charge when you put it away and recharge it once a month.

Other maintenance

Honda recommends changing your brake and clutch fluids if it hasn’t been done in the last couple of years, as well as cleaning the area around the outside of the spark plugs to ensure debris does not get into the cylinders.

Wheels up?

Ideally, it would be best if you stored your bike with both wheels off the ground. If that’s not possible, use the center stand and rotate the tires every few weeks to avoid flat spots, the AMA says.

Keep it clean

Both Honda and the AMA say you should clean your motorcycle thoroughly before putting it into storage. Special treatments are available to help avoid oxidation, fading, and other threats to your bike’s appearance.

A little preparation now and throughout the time your bike is stored will ensure that when it’s time to ride in the spring, you won’t have anything to worry about – except where to go! Spring can’t get here soon enough, can it?

Are you cooped up? Come see us!

While taking a break from riding this fall and winter, why not come into Point Insurance and talk about your coverage options? If it’s been a while since we’ve done a review for you, let’s talk about how we can save you money on not only motorcycle insurance but home and auto as well. Just give us a call at 833.280.6080. We’re here to help!